RealityBites specialises in telling real-life stories that unlock Christian faith, get people thinking about Jesus and highlight how different people understand the world around them, to help us to understand our own worldviews.

Slave Chronicles and Dangerous Beliefs

Our Slave Chronicles and Dangerous Beliefs is available to purchase and download.

Real-life stories: unlocking Christian faith

Here are some real-life stories and the worldviews they reveal.

Audio stories:

James Bond and faith: understanding worldviews

Worldviews are best understood as the dreams, longings and ambitions that get people out of bed in the morning. For some people it is naked profit. Still others crave status and celebrity. Some Buddhists are desperate to avoid reincarnation. For James Bond it's the destruction of Her Majesty's enemies. Worldviews are the 'spectacles behind our eyes' – we look at the world through them, not at them. Worldviews can be compared to secret agents: often they are invisible and elusive.

Consider the billion pound challenge: how would you live your life if you suddenly got this huge wad? Would you spend the rest of your life consuming Aston Martins, Omega watches, Bollinger champagne, Beluga caviar and gorgeous women? Or would you dedicate your considerable resources to ending the slave trade? Your answer to this question tells us what you really believe. Your lifestyle reveals your worldview.

Every worldview tells a story. These stories function as maps that guide the way we live. They captivate our imaginations and our spending habits. Worldviews are communal and they are grounded in faith. What is faith? It is the way we answer five basic questions facing everyone:

  • Where are we?
    What is the nature of the world and universe we live in?
  • Who are we?
    What is the nature, task and purpose of human beings
  • What's gone wrong?
    What is the basic obstacle that keeps us from finding fulfilment: how do I understand evil?
  • What's the solution?
    How is it possible to overcome this hindrance to fulfilment: how do I find salvation?
  • What will happen to us after we die?
    For example, will I just rot in the ground or will I be waiting for the resurrection of my body?

For James Bond, the answers might look like this:

  • Where am I? I am living in a world full of gadgets, helicopters, booby-trapped briefcases, beautiful women, luxury and enemy spies.
  • Who am I? I am Bond, James Bond. I am a supremely confident MI6 agent. I am 007 licensed to kill. I have complete confidence in my ability to achieve all of my assignments. All women find me extremely attractive.
  • What's gone wrong? Sometimes I lack complete control over nature and other people. Sometimes enemy agents refuse to be killed instantly. Sometimes I am attacked by huge crocodiles and sharks.
  • What's the solution? I will trust in science and technology. Q will help me here. I have complete confidence in my ability to conquer my enemies and seduce all of the attractive women. They can't resist me.
  • What will happen to me after I die? It's almost impossible to kill me, but after I die at home in bed, I will rot and be eaten by worms.

RealityBites story course

The RealityBites story course includes twenty PowerPoint presentations and about 70,000 words of text – enough material for a year with most groups. There are inspiring, faith-building stories, role plays, meditations, prayers, Bible studies, and suggestions for heated debate.

The course is ideal for small groups, home groups, assemblies, RE lessons or individual reflection.

Cost: £40
Ordering: See foot of page.

RealityBites' approach has been very refreshing and fun - the analysis of Paris Hilton and mafia stories has given me windows into fresh ways to teach kids to critique modern secular times - and to use stories like George Cadbury to present the Christian faith.

Kate, Australia

RealityBites subversive questions course

The RealityBites subversive questions course is a short course (15,000 words) to help you do mission in a powerful way. It explores the question-and-parable method of Jesus and how to use it today. The course will help you understand the modern West's idolatry, develop effective strategies for challenging the false gods of consumerism, and find meaningful, credible ways of talking about faith to people with no church background.

With 25 A4 handouts, the course is designed for use in schools or churches.

Cost: £10
Ordering: See foot of page.

I have downloaded the files and they are AWESOME. What a brilliant job has been done of making Mark's material teachable. This is such an amazing resource. Praise God!

Kate, Australia

Storytelling tips

Top Tips for Telling Stories:

  • Keep it visual: people love intriguing photos.
  • Bring in humour and touches of eccentricity.
  • Don't be cheesy: allow the Christian content to be natural and intrinsic to the stories.
  • Be flexible: the story could take five or twenty minutes Sometimes it is appropriate to use scripture, other times it isn't.
  • Learn from Jesus' parables. Sometimes it's great to be enigmatic and understated, allowing people to 'get there' on their own.
  • Be interesting: find stories that inspire and excite you - you will communicate these with more passion and listeners will be more captivated.

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