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Dave Hopwood on Mr Khan has killed 400 girls (Friday 5th March 2021 11:37am)

Heart-breaking to read this Mark, to realise that lives can be viewed in this way. As a commodity. Thank you for highlighting the value of each of us, every person precious, unique and made in the image of God.

Mark Roques on Confident, Imaginative Disciples are Urgently Required (Monday 8th February 2021 9:54am)

Dear Harish,

Thank you very much for your interest in our slave chronicle materials. Do email me if you would like to know more aboit this resource. My email is at the end of the blog post.

David Hanson on Power as a Christian Scholar’s Vocation (Tuesday 2nd February 2021 9:54am)

Thanks, Michael, for such a perceptive and challenging post. Now to see if I can get students in my church to read it!


Harish patel on Confident, Imaginative Disciples are Urgently Required (Monday 1st February 2021 1:44pm)

Hi Mark Roques
You have been highly recommended to consult about discipleship materials for use in urban bame cultures setting by Alan Black of LCM.
I and some in my diaspora team want to learn more - about the slavery chronicles materials. Please keep me posted
Harish Patel

Bruce Muirhead on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Sunday 31st January 2021 12:51am)

Something to point out to your Muslim friend. Mohammad teaches that the Quran is given to CONFIRM (musaddiqan) the previous scriptures. This word musaddiqan is repeated 5 times in their book. Then it says that the words of God cannot be changed ( a thought repeated 10 times). Conclusion: the Bible is the trustworthy Word of God and therefor should be studied and its message should be believed.
From this point on we show the good news of Christ.

Karla Poewe on Ministry to Sixth Formers (Thursday 7th January 2021 11:21pm)

The piece, Ministry to Sixth Formers, is very interesting. And it is imaginative and excellent to relate the Christian message to everyday reality of, in this case, 17/ 18 year-olds and through music they know. I would have liked to listen-in on the 22. Jan. 2021 online session, but my university e-mail server did not deliver my message to your realitybites address. Perhaps the time difference would not make it possible either or our university security.

Perhaps you have an alternative way to arrange something. Sincerely,

Bruce Gulland on Ministry to Sixth Formers (Thursday 24th December 2020 11:00am)

This is so good to read about Mark, thank you

Roger Fernando on Ministry to Sixth Formers (Tuesday 22nd December 2020 3:30am)

Thanks for allowing me to read this Mark. It is excellent! The idea of using current or relevant 'pop' music is great. We run a Philosophy of ideas for our Year 12s (6th formers) at Mount Evelyn Christian School. I'll email the link to the teachers with your permission.

Liz Wood on Frank Sinatra on Christian Faith (Sunday 20th December 2020 9:38pm)

I'm Holy Spirit baptised and it never ceases to amaze me how judgmental evangelicals can be. Have you not read Judge you not or you shall be judged and Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; ... First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye. What does this mean? It means strive to see your fellow men and women as made in the image and likeness of God and hold to that fact and you will do more to eradicate sin than critcizing another man's life.

Dave Hopwood on Ministry to Sixth Formers (Wednesday 16th December 2020 3:18pm)

Thanks for this Mark, I love the way you cut through the religious stuff that creates barriers and instead speak of the stuff of life and this fractured world. Really powerful. Thank you.