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Evan Walker on Is Prince Philip the Chosen One? (Tuesday 17th March 2020 8:46am)

Brilliant as always! Where people put their faith is a important question and one that definitely needs answering. This is something that I hope will make people seriously consider trusting in Jesus.
Thank you!

Mark Roques on Academic Publishing: A Necessary Evil? (Monday 9th March 2020 6:13pm)

Thanks for this Georgina. This post has really helped me in my work with TFN. It is stressful promoting articles, books etc and it can create anxiety. Thanks for reminding me why we do this in the first place.

Michelle Dempsey on Student Ministry in Leeds is Expanding (Thursday 5th March 2020 10:44am)

I'm convinced Mark, that extending hospitality and generosity is the most wonderful way to strike up conversation with anyone and a beautiful example of what JC would do. Love it.

Ben on Dangerous Faith in Santa Muerte (Thursday 27th February 2020 3:32am)

you need to shut up on calling people belives delusional .kind of funny you went to do some research on la santa murete .heres the kicker you have a long way to go

Bruce Gulland on Student Ministry in Leeds is Expanding (Wednesday 26th February 2020 3:53pm)

very encouraging Mark

Simon on Student Ministry in Leeds is Expanding (Sunday 23rd February 2020 9:06pm)

Great to hear how Reality bites material is working in real life situations. It seems to be putting you on the front foot.

Paul Bush on Talking to an atheist about Eric Harris (Sunday 23rd February 2020 12:14am)

This is just like asking a Christian if they support the KKK which have done much more about non believers than believers not saying either is worse but this does not make atheist bad people just because they don’t believe in a god if you want to bring non believers to your religion I would suggest not calling them heartless killers cause that’s not exactly a selling point

Jeffrey Dudiak on Student Ministry in Leeds is Expanding (Saturday 22nd February 2020 2:29pm)

So good to see "the team" out sharing the Gospel in the form of chocolates and words. The world hungers for Good News; blessed are the feet of those of who bring it.

Sahar on Student Ministry in Leeds is Expanding (Saturday 22nd February 2020 1:30am)

It reminds me of the verses that said 'faith comes from hearing and The seed growing secretly. 'The kingdom of God is like you five children of God who scatters seeds on the ground. You know not how!
God bless you all and may your way be fruitful.
Please text me next time when you setting off may I bring my atheist friends around. Lol.

Uncle Bruce from Australia on Student Ministry in Leeds is Expanding (Friday 21st February 2020 9:13am)

Hello Mark: Thanks for this.
I think the idea of simple conversation, with coffee and cake.
Do you also "hit the streets" when events like Carnage Circus comes to town?
Being available to chat in the midst of the populist mosh pit, with good humour, chatting with something to munch on and drink as well as something to say, is a friendly way of keeping in touch with a generation that has to negotiate the tangled webs of Hobbesian individualism.
Keep up the good work.